Join a hands-on cooking class in a rural village. Learn of timeless traditions while dining on tasty regional cuisine.

Having a tour at Tâm Travel, you will have chance to join a local family to prepare lunch, learn the secrets behind some of Hoi An’s most famous traditional dishes using fresh ingredient from the garden, including the famous banh xeo – Vietnam’s delicious version of the pancake.  Let the stoves cool down as you settle to enjoy this home-cooked meal, wrapping up a fruitful day in the countryside.


Meet the instructor, a local cook with 15 years’ experience as a chef and proprietor, and start cooking! Join the chef to prepare lunch, using traditional techniques to cook several dishes using recipes handed down from generation to generation. Throughout the course, the chef will explain about the cuisine of Vietnam in general and the secrets of popular Hoi An specialties in specific, its influences and the typical eating habits of the local people.

We are proud to be able to offer you the amazing opportunity to learn the art of authentic Vietnamese cooking. Join our cooking class and you will learn all the necessary skills, tips and secret recipes from our Chef to prepare for desserts, main dishes, appetizers


And here is our video to teach the guests how to make a Vietnamese pancake :)